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Having Sex for the First Time

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Date: Jul 04, 2005 - 08:00 AM

Many people get troubled when having sex for the first time ever, particularly young people. Undoubtedly, the major problem faced by those having sex for the first time would be the lack of experience. And yet, there might be other problems likely to render the first time decision of having sex into something even more complicated than the decision making itself.

There is the fear of doing something wrong when the time of having sex comes, or partner disappointment by the first time someone is having sex.

Guilt is another thing that is not good for healthy and satisfactory sex. Religion has much to do with guilt among those having sex for the first time, since sex is the original sin for many religions.

Another problem is anxiety, the pressure on loosing virginity, for having sex, in other words. The ideal would be to take time before jumping on the definite decision of having sex. But things do not always happen this way, especially on current days, when virginity is deemed as something derogatory. As known, gaining ground within a certain group and thus being accepted, especially adolescents tend to act impulsively as others do.

Orgasm reaching is much like a craze on current times, especially for women, for men usually find no difficulty in reaching orgasm. The pressure for achieving sexual climax also doesn't help the ones who are having sex.

Sex is the exact opposite: sex is about relaxing. Orgasm is also about relaxation, guilt-free.

But something that shouldn't pose no troublesome for those into having sex is having safe sex, doubtless.


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