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AIDS and Sexuality

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Date: Jun 20, 2005 - 07:04 AM

By Carlos Alberto

Sexuality receives a new jargon in safer sex. Being oral sex and anal sex no longer distinct from safe sexual practices. All to do with a sexual disease deemed syndrome. Customs modify accordingly, safer sex rules.

The first important steps to keep the spreading of AIDS epidemic at bay were ideologically. One for crying out loud was about reconsidering the perspective looking upon it. Abandoned was the misconceived and equivocal idea that there were "groups of risk"-(homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts) and awareness raising was then begun towards clear and present danger. All are vulnerable, though demeanors are "what risky is all about".

Another important step was establishing that there's difference between carrying the virus-"being serum positive"-and full blown AIDS- the so-phase in which opportunistic diseases outbreak all at once. One can be HIV+ for many years to come before developing full-blown AIDS and start medication.

The term aids victim was a stigma that would give an illusory sensation of protection to whoever imposing it, as though the first ones would be outside a wall, figure of speech. Soon, realized that it wasn't exactly so. To shag wearing no condoms is one of the main risky behaviors and that is what makes among heterosexual women married most widespread the virus currently, since society imposes the belief of being magically protected by marriage, hence "sacramental".

Actually, if a wife suggests wearing condoms, she might be thinking that her husband as fence jumper and will have to explain suit- allegedly offense, he might assault her whether physically or psychologically. And yet there will implicit that he is free to do so, as long as he wears condoms at home-( which, on the other hand, she by no means accept and would place other issues in check as far as the modern role of marriage is concerned).

After all, the husband can seize opportunity and pretend being victimized, cynically, and say that she is the one who messing around, owing that an honest woman knows no condoms"-it's this kind of truth disguising plot about marriages that increasingly infection spreading amongst married women.

Much as among adolescents has the epidemic been spreading uncontrollably, for still banging "unwillingly looking forward". Even so with technical information, broadcast daily, don't seem to display the means necessary to assume that, surely, are having sex. That what they do is sex and ought to be done by safer sex-("only once, won't do any harm"). There draws a fine line between flirt and sexual relation, but surprise derived from novelties is sure way towards confusion.

Sexual education at schools and mass media broadcast should hold peculiarities accountable in this phase of life. Furthermore, romanticism might leave room for contamination-"only fornicators catch HIV and we love each other so much, we're on the verge of getting married".

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