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Healthy Sexuality

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Sexual Health

By Anne Griza

In spite of the wide range of choices available, sorting the dos and don’ts out of sexuality would not be easy at these days and age. Yet, it came a long way in the last few years, on which point the so-called outrageous turned into mainstay and casual, even for the most conservative types.

Take masturbation for instance, considered sinful up until recently, wherein serious impairments both physical and mental would be blamed on it. Thought healthy nowadays, it could aid people reaching self-awareness, getting in touch with their inner most feelings, better still, improving their sex life and so sexual outcome.

Its nuances sprang out from our way of thinking, upon the evolutionary pathway of humankind.  They didn’t turn up by sheer fluke, all the way around, were churned by scientific grounded approach which established its compassing. Thus, along with the discoveries from the scientific world, had major schools of thought mushroomed out, which enabled new tendencies to be harbored towards sexual approach, with not so many misconceptions and drawbacks.  Once it’s accepted that sexuality might be comprised by a string of factors and therefore there’d be emotional baggage attached on it, not to mention moods and tendency of this individual in particular. So anything that the mainstream has agreed upon is bound to be rendered casual by this combination, secluding the minority down to the so-called bizarre.

Actually the so-called healthy sexuality could be anything so unlikely to harm the individual or so relations whether physically, emotionally and socially speaking. A certain sexual approach may suit this person, let’s say doing it by the backdoor, if you will, and this person could be quite casual about it, keeping the partner in good terms by not nagging for it or going through the day mulling over it. This example comes to show that in spite of the sexual tendency there’d be no rebounds on this person or anyone else, therefore, this one would be a healthy individual in sexual terms, some would say.

Still, whichever the way someone finds most suitable indulgence wise, without taking risk or growing overburden, there’d be healthy. There cannot be any substantial drawback whether social or mental as far as the so-called healthy sexuality goes. Beyond this point any overdoing may trigger serious drawbacks, hence becoming bad streaks.

In addition, innovation, creativity and joy would encompass the sexual tendencies of this person, on which point translating what he/she would be like in terms of indulgence. Sex is healthy; it’s good for the body and mind and has no side-effects. And it’s up to the individual to grow aware of own limitations, the intensity rate of own desires and the best way to fulfill them, without harming oneself or someone else.


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