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Myths and the Likes About Sex

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Sexual Information

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Having the particularities, odds and bias taken into account, of whose still mull over people’s minds, pertaining to sex and sexuality there were conveyed a handful of issues in aims to unravel their mischief. 

A lot is supported on the sexual intercourse being epitomized by the penis in the vagina framework. It comes across as major misconception, given that sex means much more than just a spree of wishful thinking. 

There’s more within the sex act than catches an eye, following some many avenues in that performing oral sex, playing with oneself then anal sex. The list goes on forever.

Still the way sexual indulgence gets approached. Penile penetration is just one of them, perhaps primordial, the most ancient, but stating that the sex act restricts itself to that is entirely different altogether. It’s putting sex in a pigeonhole.

Bleeding isn’t always there when the woman strikes her first sexual activity. Nothing is compulsory in terms of bodily responses. The female physique is so unique yet so unpredictable.

Upon penetration the hymen rupture is bound to take place. It comes under so many guises, some quite subtle that hardly resent the rupture itself and others quite resilient that might be sensed upon penetration, in that inducing distress thus bleeding. For all that, whether or not bleeding sips from female to another. 

Sex is good only if climax gets reached together. Not a chance, sex does mean catching up with each other’s differences as it comes, within mutual respect scope. Off course when a couple managed to set their horses in unison the sensation set forth must be enthralling. Though far from average, given the built up tension from going about it together, it could prove detrimental to their sexual rapport altogether and lead into further turmoil. 

What’s in penis size for the women? Seems the buzz of town, isn’t it? By the women standpoint’s then needless to say, the vast majority talks about it and not from yesteryear.

To give pleasure to a woman needs a man, roughly, to be aware of where the clitoris lies on top of knowingly how to play it up, as the most pleasure ridden spot in a woman. Not to be followed suit though, albeit, there are no boundaries in sex as such but nuances in terms of sensing it. It’s down to personal traits to tell whether or what pleases most onwards.

Most women would grow moisten outright upon clitoral stimulation, and when it comes to penetration there might gather the notion that a not so-beefy penis might not be suitable to fittings and perhaps a bit more could fulfill the expectations best.

Although the opposite means true, meaning, the woman may not become so-moisten, likely to feel distressed somewhat, or become painful in case his penis` girth doesn’t suit her lodging capability.

The penis size takes backstage other than centerfold for the sake of sexual indulgence. As a matter of factish, fine tuning their own stride it’s down to the couple themselves. Finding the best position, it’s thrusting and throbbing, the sway of her hips, all in hopes for a well-balanced act stricken upon passionate togetherness.

About his *****, not every woman thrives on swallowing it no matter how many partners there are in her dreams. Just as many of them have reckoned that ***** is something dirty and nasty. Let’s not get into details here, because coming from this stance we’d be inclined to think of something as in ~backwards upbringing, wherein anything that’s  sex related seems naughty, outlandish and wrongdoing.

And just for the record, ***** isn’t waste disposal either and that lies on scientific grounded prove. It yields proteins, bears sweetly flavor and scent that reminds of chlorine and have likewise its aroma offset if the man overdone on alcohol prior to sexual congress.

Never mind, it hangs on personal choice and only takes mutual respect.

Why not trying, it might be good. If it works consider another string in your bow. Otherwise no sweat, just do again in that being mindful not pass on the idea that it was hard to bear and hurt the other’s pride. After all, it comes from within and belonged to him as part of his system and therefore yielded with much loving.

Clear all doubts and leave nothing hanging. Just let your hair out neither imposition.

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