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The First Sexual Encounter For Girls

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Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

The first time in sex may not spell good news to most girls. Personal issues, stigma, anxiety, everything comes into play. Choosing the right person, where and how it would be, could set emotional backlash into motion.

Broadly, the girls cling on to the notion that there might be some prince charming along with their first sexual encounter, thus love would last forever and everything turned marvelous in the end. Besides kidding themselves concerned sexual climax being stricken first hand.

Kicking a sexual life can not be tough as a quest. Girls are going up against something not within their grasp yet. Inasmuch as the host of sexual issues like the bodily alterations and the frame of mind towards family members, school and peers.

All of which added to the existent pressure in that, the girls must be sexually proactive yet at the right age in which the chances are taken, most often than not, without much sense at all.

This is more or less the sate of affairs upon the first sexual encounter for so many adolescents out there. Some of them hardly aware of their own bodily functioning let alone their sexuality. One too many does not have a clue as to how contraceptives go about much less all that revolves around sex, in the sense of reassurance, tenderness and mutual complicity.

Some girls wind up by hurting themselves in their sexual adventure, given the range of their expectations being much broader than the reality.

Indulgence can not be induced, the male might call it a day, and regret could be stronger than expected, to say the least. Not that the first sexual affair would be bad, far from it, but remains imperative that the girls come to terms with all that might lie up ahead of themselves.

Openness, be it the school, along with friends or homebound is a good headstart as to what the first sexual relation should be like.

Mostly the parents in this particular case the mother turned out to be approachable about spilling the beans together with her daughter, clarify her doubts, and give insight. 

Cornering the girl at the moment could be, aside from counterproductive, dangerous for she could end up pregnant if care is not taken. 

Long gone the day when sex was underrated and the youth had to tap on hearsay concerning all things sex. 

To date, talking about sex means primordial and could spare the girls` fitness so mental health.

It comes as a fact that most girls end up by loosing their virginity even though without being fit so too could render their sexual pursuit even harder, better yet, failing in taking precautions, just as many shall get pregnant if not infected by certain sexual disease such as AIDS.

In short, if they are given the means for the understanding of sexuality and sex, would make such interface from one life stage into another a lot easier for them.

The decision about loosing their virginity becomes less stressful yet sound, thereby, the kid grows aware of the surroundings and all that could be waiting down the line.

The first shag is what celebrates the spring of sexual life for every one. It is not a monster and must be faced. If taken within a healthy framework, the girl is bound to follow her sexual life more at ease, and not a trace of issues and hang-ups would come out.

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