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A Woman seeks more than Sexual Pleasure in Sex

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Sexual Information

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Let us not overgeneralise things mainly when speaking of both genders’ demeanours. We’re always hearing remarks like “that’s what men are like” or “women are a world apart”. Indeed men and women come in all shapes and sizes. What if every single man was a liar and every woman a forward type? What’s the point in investing so much time into looking for a pair? As of someone who according to our liking should be special. Ring us a bell doesn’t it? After all, we’d be all the same if thrived on this school of thought.

What would be women after when it comes to sexual rapport? We are talking herein about behaviours and therefore I myself want to refer to a particular feminine approach. Off course, never mind jumping on the bandwagon that all women would thread on the same pathway.

The woman, within her intimacy with her mate, needs and wants to feel desired, appraised, unique and why not to say even unforgettable. All of which makes part of a woman’s fantasy. For example, when the woman gets undressed in front of her man, she wants to catch his eyes running over each part of her body with tenderness, much reassurance and turnons. She longs for feeling the moisten warmth of sexual crave that flows out of her partner’s gob, and lets herself get carried away in search of ultimate pleasure.

Actually every woman leaves on the fast lane, for she wants to give and take sexual pleasure but, at the same time that it permeates her longing, she whished she could being subdued ever so slowly. In her understanding, would take more than merely plain lust to a fulfilling sexual rapport, meaning that there must be chemistry, bonds and high octane. All these ingredients on top of making her feel desired, beautiful inside out, jack up her self-esteem.  She wouldn’t set for less, by yielding pleasure solely, she wants to let herself go, so-wished to get overwhelmed by tenderness, lust, but with due respect towards her feelings too. Coming from there I utter that the women and sex, in bed, don’t seek pleasure by itself sic-sexual plenitude, they want more to go with and that has got to do with yielding to the other. As in her gathering that there had been profound lust and desire, acceptance onwards affection, as of mutual respect. In that the gut feeling that her man saw her as a wholesome woman, and above all, as a woman who bears sentiments.  

Currently, there can be said that the women have been to great lengths coming to grips with such superficial manner that the man (roughly speaking), has to handle and live up sexual approach.   

The women posse a powerful gift, they know how to be strong, secure of themselves, independents, although things tend to shift pattern when it comes to sex. Far from meaning that a woman is bound to wear herself helpless if landing on some sexual entanglement, all the way round, she displays so much courage that her deepest wish therein is to give herself away by the body and mind. To my mind this means a sign of strength, courage, boldness, since a woman would never try to make do with only one orgasm just to make up for her affective lagging.  

Every single woman, deep inside her innermost, yearns for coming with her heart and even though she gets laid with a man by sheer fluke and it’s an old hat. She reckons, there and then, that something has changed within her, and that she won’t be the same anymore. Only just such a string of reactions makes part of the female nature.  


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