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Penis Size as far as Sex Goes

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Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

Concerns over the size of his penis share widespread commonplace for the vast majority of men. From boyhood a certain degree of anxiety exists in relation to this sexual organ, and so as time goes by, comparisons are made and, depending on what the man thinks regarding his penis, may perceive even his sex life in jeopardy.

Even those men in for the so-rank of normal penis-size remark to believe that their sexual organ is small, and several are the reasons for such belief, to name a few- the penis of someone else is bigger, the height and the penis are out of balance, obese people think that their penis is smaller, amongst others. The average penis size for the male sexual organ varies between 12 up to 17 cm when in erection.

The myth surrounding penis size is highly widespread, raising concern among parents in regards to the growth process of their sons’ sexual organ and, by consequence, getting themselves all worked up. 

Otherwise, in practice, the size of the penis bears little influence if none upon the male sexual performance. By far more important than size, it’s the man’s potency, which gets determined by physiological, emotional and affective factors.

What’s more, there’s no relation whatsoever between the size of the penis and the amount of pleasure the man may give and take, which comes as one of the most important factors in the sex act.     

As far as the women concern, their partner’s penis size takes a back seat. Above all comes placed the affective and sexual relation and the amount of caresses exchanged between them two.

In a nut shell, too big a penis may prove discomforting for the woman during sexual intercourse, much as likely to hurt her if exaggeratedly big. It’s worth remembering that the spot most touch sensitive in the vagina to the penis’ contact lie embedded in the first 3 or 4 cm of this region, i.e., those men of relatively normal penises can give a lot of pleasure to their partners.

In principle, average penised men remain unable to benefit from any treatment. There is such a wide range of offers for “wonder” products, however inefficient. Surgical intervention are only suitably advised if the man features a quite smaller penis (less than 4 cm, as flaccid), and yet again, the results of such surgeries are of little significance in the medical literature.

Some men believe that the more they get to use their penises, the bigger the chances they stand to bag away some bonus enlargement. That is another fallacy, since the penis is no muscular system, which could be developed through exercising. All of what he maybe able to build up from the increase in sexual activity is experience.

There is more of a cultural question in the penis-size other than pleasure in itself. There would be thought that men with bigger penises might bear more potency, of which, in the popular imaginary means power’s equivalent. However, that does not seem to be the true, given that all the more men seeking in sexuality not only satisfaction of their instincts, but also the trade off of love and reassurance.

There might the statement above seem utterly poignant, nevertheless, it’s an ever so growing reality. Both men and women seek affection in the relation rather than just the physical. And speaking of which, disregarding of how big the penis might be to given and taken, but instead, the reliability of each one for that.


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