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AIDS, Sexuality and History - Part 2

Posted by: webmaster2 on Monday, March 13, 2006 - 06:10 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Advice

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

The infectious sexual disease AIDS directly affects the immunological system if not detected in time. The person who carries the HIV virus may lead a normal life within the spectrum of such otherwise incurable sexual disease.

The HIV virus was genetically decoded in 1986 by American scientists isolating it from AIDS victims. At that point, transmissibility as infectious sexual disease was then established. A remarkable achievement once this deadly sexual disease would spread at such a fast rate.

In fact, thanks to the Gallo Institute and other lesser known corporations that the word got around on the HIV might’ve been a species jumping infection since the mid-fifties, some would argue. If it wasn’t for the French, once again, those into biological warfare would get in another weapon of mass-hysteria for themselves rather than out of hand. This virus HIV destroys cells of the immune system by wrecking havoc leaving it prone to the opportunistic diseases onslaught such as pneumonia, benign tumors, and lymphomas.   Hence the importance for those carrying the virus to adhere to anti-retroviral programs, as vulnerable. 

It goes without saying that the person infected with the HIV virus might get way with it showing any symptoms for quite some time. The virus is known to remain dormant for time being up until environment enables outbreak.

To put it short, HIV thrives on bodily fluids of the sexual mucosa, bloodstream and sperm in that any given sexual intercourse thereby safer sex procedures carries out the claim. Even so AIDS can’t be transmitted by hugs, kisses- no nicks and cuts in the mouth however, by dental treatment, body contact, or sharing cutlery and the cell-phone.  To the light of it, unprotected sexual intercourse among heterosexuals sticks out as prime culprit for transmitted sexual diseases as a whole.

That said, whenever in doubt have it checked along with your physician or at your local clinic. No bias towards the morning after pill or anything like, bear with me, the sooner those drugs spring into action the better viral-load suppress. There’s always time to spare once done choosing from the less harmful side-effect to the best drug efficiency curve that guarantees life-expectancy as we know it.

So, if it daunts don’t hesitate and go get yourself a blood workup, full-spectrum as it may clinically speaking, and if it comes across as a shoulder-shrug well then shags galore with protection in place rest in store for those who care for others. Go back thereafter and double-check within three month time-elapsed. There’s a thing about time-window and manifestation one should keep in check before setting off business as usual.

Thus, get on top of such appall, it’s no sign of weakness as one might think. And yet, having your own back by offloading on the beloved-ones all of which was passed onto you as of those who might seat pretty still won’t help restoring peace of mind. Safer sex rules. Get tested cease worryingly, some would argue.


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