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Childs and Sexuality - Part II

Posted by: webmaster2 on Monday, February 13, 2006 - 07:34 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

Certain children who suffer sexual abuse also display eroticism-build up demeanors, as the reply manner to the “reassurance” received. Being abused generates traumas, yet for some children it’s the affection role received, taking into account that the abuser might be someone closer to her and of whom she holds fond and tenderness. There mustn’t be forgotten that children in their vast majority can’t understand the truly meaningful of the abuse, unaware that it’s violence.

Whenever a child gets erotically built up, she ultimately skips the stage of infantile innocence. Her games, thoughts, dialogues and demeanors bear sex sense; rather, play along unlikely the way other children non-sexually charged would approach it.  She begins to concern over matters that have nothing to do with her phase in life, yet turns into an older person in everything, sexually inclusive.

Most children remain in seduction so far. With their puny bodies trying to seduce their little mates and with them get the typical relationship of adolescent or adult, with kisses, caresses, and sensual touches. Some children, however, get to experience masturbation with a colleague, or the attempt to strike some sexual relation, usually not fully aware of what has taken place.

All of which creates in the child distorted ideas about herself, the others and relationships. Sex itself bears more importance for her than it mostly should and she may turn into a promiscuous adult, coming to suffer from that.

Most parents and childcares turn a blind eye to the child’s misbehave, more often than not viewing as “cute” that the little boy keeps a sort of girlfriend on the side or the little girl’s ultimately “teeny” antics alike.  Nevertheless, it’s cornerstone that they come to the realization that the child’s living experience gets taken onto her adulthood, thus, moreover, such attitudes are bound to trigger anxiety build up in her, in which point placing her abreast into sensuality or extremely confused with regard to her place in family, school, or other slots of interaction. Children sexually-charged might have to go through a certain degree of haphazard due to their attitudes. Depending on what might ensue, they could be considered outlandish to the context of other children or promiscuous, and that definitely would come to affect their self-esteem.

The so-called long-term consequences may be proving highly detrimental for the would-be adult. Off course it’s vital that the child grasps notions of sexuality per se. She herself asks, seems curious. It’s common-place for a boy to compare his penis to his father’s or wish to know where babies come from. What must be bore in mind is that she will ask about sex or sexuality whenever feeling fit, thus it’s paramount that a reasonable answer is given, in a clear manner, devoid of exaggeration. So, all that’s unhealthy is the exposure of the child to sexually-charged innuendoes, once she probably could not be cut for that and would react by mimicking the witnessed or noticed attitude.

Such wealth of knowledge means much too much for the child, and she in turn would have no psychological foreground for that, getting herself confused and trading off her innocence by streaks unprecedented to what she could bear.

It boils down to the parents and childcares caretaken so that the child is able to live up her infancy in all its nuances. Boys and girls ought to play, learn, exchange caresses in a healthy manner, in accordance to all of which they are prepared to living. Any overstatement might be taken by the child erroneously and she in turn would place herself inadequately in confront to the world.


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