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Childs and Sexuality - Part I

Posted by: webmaster2 on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 06:48 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

Sexuality exists since birth of every human being. It's known that babies and children bear erogenous zones in accordance to the stage of their libido- oral, anal (anus, feces control), phallic- reveal and handle of genitals, latency-absence of specific erogenous zone, and genital with sexuality orientated towards sex pleasure…taking place as early as adolescence blossom. These stages, to the psychoanalytical theory accordingly, happen to us all and partake in the normal development of each one.

Infant sexuality gears up to derive pleasure from the erogenous zones. That, is not the same adolescent or adult sexuality, it's more likely a good hint of what gets perceived as arousal speaking of which. A child enjoys breastfeeding, she feels comforted in suckling and that is good.

To restrain feces yields such pleasant sensation off the anus- to come to terms with her own feces aware of it as her own byproduct it's blissful to the child. When realizing that differences exist between the sexes they become curious and begin the masturbation process. All of which makes part as natural process of sexual development.

What has been happening with certain frequency it's the infantile sexing up, in other words, quite small children yet, displaying demeanors of adult sexuality, like kisses on peers, desire to put on sensual attire or even sex-orientated mannerisms and rather saucy innuendoes. Such sex appeal bears no normality to the child. It's mind-boggling and leaves such banal sex input for the little apprentice.

'Various are the reasons through which the child may gear into arousal sex up process. The child sleeps in the same bedroom with the parents in certain families or better still between them in bed, although already aged two o three.

Thereof the tiny guest could watch over the parents' sex act, their caresses and innuendoes, remaining with the idea that it's normal to do this kind of thing with those we care. There mustn't be forgotten that boys and girls copy cat everything that the grown-ups get up to, their parents mostly. On the same token, there are children that are exposed to the sexuality of peers, apart from their own parents.

An uncle that kisses his girlfriend feverishly, a family's girl friend whose body language seemingly highly sensuously, among other instances, may poise the child to believe that such is the manner of behavioral, that being sensual is normal even though she still pretty young. A parent's spree may lead the child towards eroticism build up thus placing her as a family's grown up member.

Most fathers and mothers are used to keep their kids as confidents or let them listen to ad hoc conversations that might not concern to them. So much so that the son may misconceive that his role in the family is of an adult and become to act out like one, inclusive with regard to what he perceives as behavior sexual/relational of adulthood.

The Telly broadcasts rampant sex-ridden scenes, semi-nude women, macho-like males who conquer many women, couples in bed or gearing up into sex foreplay. Men and women appear being seduced or seducing and whoever gets desired most by one's sexual attributes gets to be the best. The child, in face to all that, becomes unable to discern what is what and may end up by mimicking such demeanors. The more exposed she gets to contents of sexual plethora the deeper she would believe it is the way people, regardless of age, ought to behave.


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