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Sexuality in Prior Adolescence - From the Age of 9 to 11

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Sexual Information

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

To talk about sexuality in this stage of life signifies to talk about great discoveries, of period of bodily and emotional transitions, of cunning curiosity and the quickening of sex life.

Pre-adolescence starts with changes in the body. In girls, there is formation of mammal paps- which will poise her to wear her first bra, as noticing the ogle over from the opposite sex on her bloom of breasts. Hence, it means self-awareness of the changes her body undergoes. Yet pubic hair growth and all that taking place in both sexes roughly about the age of nine or ten. It's a phase epitomized by a state of shame and escape inasmuch as no progenitor of the opposite sex should ever clasp a glance of one on the nude.

What about masturbation, what happens next, such enlightenment in this phase of life? From up until recently, masturbation plays major role in teens' overall sexual repertoire.

It would be wise to say that the age we live in that is clearly sex-orientated; whose sex-ridden information is media's churned. Let alone prevention, which more often than not ends up by approaching the use of condoms in a dubious manner, therefore offering total sexual freedom.

As for masturbation, this has different origins, let's say, between boys and girls. Let's see. In boys, all takes place in the open, in other words, in talking with peers- where certain doubts an curiosities are shed light on, leading the boy to wish for fulfillment in order to come to grips with it. Yet there is a load of hearsay exchanging on what has been done, as one may have heard the eldest brother. Furthering the boy's curiosity to achieve such pleasurable sensation.

Manners are the most diverse, and happen by the most spontaneous and natural manner possible, sharpen by curiosity, whose minds and bodies would urge.
As for girls, discovery by means of masturbation happens in a more accidental manner. It could be by a tight fit pant, or else, having some vaginal thrush or thereabouts, on which point she tries to scratch, or plays it up to find out the reason of such nuisance. There might she discover by touching with her fingers a source of pleasure sex -linked.

What happens is, girls in particular, at this age- but I figure that used to happen a while ago, in pretending being boys while peeing, and would try to do so standing up, and along with it wound up by holding what they didn't have, by shaping with their hands a V-shape-like on the clitoral region, and that at the same time would provide a pleasurable sensation. Truly, this region was being caressed somehow. Since feeling pleasure is good, the girl, would get back at it, now and every now and then, on purpose, searching for alternatives to fell again pleasure on this region.

As most things in life, yet masturbation deserves care taken, even more so in this phase of life, since it should never be the only source of pleasure of a youngster there and then. To opt to live isolated, not enjoying to socializing, bearing heavy guilt-feelings, all of which may already be symptoms that something doesn't go too -well, and deserves attention.

Masturbation is quite something and should be perceived as such gratifying experience of self-awareness, as preparation for relationships of the affective-sexual kind with the opposite sex.


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