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Gay Sex in Adolescence

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Sexual Information

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Issues on homosexual leanings in adolescents always come up when the subject is their sexuality. Let's grasp the ropes together and shed light on the very origins of such behavior.

In the pre-adolescence phase, supposedly within 8 to 12 age range, there is hardly any trait of heterosexual behavior even much so given that the determine trait, in this phase, it is the notorious social division between girls and boys, which will reflect on different groups. Hence, in these groups of girlies and boyz that will arise curiosities, acquaintance with knowledge about sexual relations and all that questioning, now all the more so about the first time.

As for homosexualism in this phase of adolescence, it should be addressed as something natural that stems exactly from segregation that the phase enables, by aggregating girls at one end and boys at the other segment, and such is a way absolutely natural and necessary for the development affective and psychosocial of the adolescent.

Therefore the homosexual conduct exists, for it roots in by consequence lived up in the phase of matter, and all that is in relevance, is that the homosexual behavior in this phase heralds as one of its most notorious attitudes, a bigger fondness by the opposite sex whether girls or boys, by contrast they distinguish themselves in their ways of sexual discovery.

When referring to sexual exploration, I meant going about their regular activities in this phase, which are masturbation and exhibitionism. Though, in groups, it also takes place in a different manner, once for the boys, so-described activities, may often take place in group, whereas girls, occurs in a more individualized manner. Further in adolescence, which corresponds to the age of 13 to 19 and thereabouts, might as well sift, a continuity of homosexual conduct, and now even with a handful of homosexual stints, with no intruding from grown ups, but such isn't a rule.

Incidentally these experiences may happen somewhat naively, with no intention at all, and the most important thing is to know that this tendency during adolescence not signifies, a telltale of sexual orientation in adulthood. As a teen one could being through good group sex with same sex individuals, and that never might come into play as a role model for future sexual choices.

Let there be known that phases which compound adolescence, and homosexual conduct in such phase is extremely usual. So far so many are the factors involved in determining sexual orientation other than just a phase gone by in adolescence. Bonds with peers in this phase bear such high regards and profound significance, as normal trait of sex-games resulting from the growing process.


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