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Sexuality in Adolescent - from the age of 13 to 19

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Sexual Information

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

This stage of adolescence, whereupon the body now already has its shape more outlined, changes had already been identified in the body and not longer alarm so much, has however, a new component- increasingly, as it were.

I am referring to sexual hormones, which oozing off through the pores, emanating in the air, rendered the teen awry. Teens now don't want to know anything else but sex, talk about sex, and look at the opposite sex, so having sex. Although with more intensity in boys as for girls, this horn-ridden stage will arrive a bit later on. Hence, so-frequent fall-outs.

Yet two imperative situations arise now which are cultural emphasis on sex and regarding discrepancies in sexual roles of both genders.

This period of adolescence would be remarked by some stages that will bear the teen headings towards sex. Though in true, such stages are being revived, since manifestations in infancy had already showed.

One of the sexual traits that we have in infancy that comes back on this phase is the visual pleasure. The teen feels rather attracted by drawings or photographs of women or erotic scenes inasmuch as anyone living with teens would have already come across with situations likewise trying to peep through the key-hole or a-jar doors, so far, they employ this mode of resource so-ceasing their curiosities. Although the often use of sight per se, the quest for that alone, may become a symptom of features that aren't going so-well.

Normalcy in this demeanor takes place when the boy, in case, observes and makes commentary with respect to what saw, manifesting his sexual interest. Unlikely what occurs when the boy tries to hide by all means his pictures, books and magazines about sex and feels overburden with guilt by so doing, thus making obvious that might come to show deformities in his sexual behavior.

What will reappear in adolescence, since already seen in infancy it's the attitude of showing oneself off and derive pleasure in doing so. The child loves to show her whole body and figures out that the grown-ups enjoy to seeing her so, there could be taken as a way of given herself away to them- the child-care adults.

In adolescence, that becomes somewhat vanity-connected, once they feel blind by vain mostly regarding their sexual organs. At the school's locker rooms, opportunities to gauge themselves abound, but though on which point we can verify whether this behavior is normal or not. Further, in this phase, other forms of sexual satisfaction already exist, which would not be discharged solely by the act of flashing sexual organs.

As for masturbation, discrepancies between boys and girls continue to exist, now, however, not regarding its origins, but in frequency. Since along adolescence and even in adulthood, masturbatory behavior in young males occurs in much bigger number of times- decreasingly when they begin to have sexual relations, whilst the opposite ends up occurring with the young females. So far, even keeping sexual rapport, the act of masturbation is bound to increase gradually.

Even with further clarifying on masturbation and changes in perception already noticeably in this century, and yet, some people bear grudges when the bottom line is masturbation, which is often indicated in case of sexual therapy.


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