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Breast alterations in adolescence

Posted by: webmaster2 on Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 07:56 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Information

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

The breasts have always stand under special highlight on the female figure and to know them well represents great significance to women.

It is in adolescence, more specifically at the beginning, that the mammas begin their development, bringing about to the youngster mixed feelings and often conflicting.

All comes to fore about the pap formation a.k.a. mammilla, featured by tissue development underneath the nipple, which bounces it back to jutting itself outward the thorax line, becoming rather prominent and more visible. At which point, the teenager may experience certain state of confusion from bodily alterations in and of itself. Hence, perceiving that his new traits display the capability of drawing attention from others and that may lead to ambivalent reactions of rejection, attempting to hide them, or sheer exhibitionism, setting forth the games of juvenile seduction.

Medical care at this point is of fundamental importance on the psychological support of the teen girl towards structuring her sexuality and acceptance or new figure in formation, as well as upkeep of high self-esteem and the mother's tranquility and next of kin by explaining and demystifying misinformation passed on through generations and generators of anxiety.

It is commonplace observing that the girls at this phase display a certain degree of difficulty regarding their mammas, which might look at times bulky, tiny, asymmetrical and awkwardly undesired and all that makes part of development and evolution of the mammas. The care given by the examiner at testing, the approach and the words require special attention so that will not trigger rebounds that would provoke anxiety build up, affects self-esteem and consequently aggravation on the emotional state, which are quite frequent in these patients.

This moment is idyllic to prompt a teen to start to dedicate special attention to this gland, not only from an aesthetical viewpoint, but also as part of health care, aiming to start as precocious as possible care take habits with the mamma and the necessity for self-examination routinely.

The sooner consciousness is raised that certain knowledge is required about his own body, understanding what is normal, bigger the chances to detect what is abnormal as soon as any alteration crops up.

This concept of health education, at early age, may favors a great deal previous diagnosis of mammal cancer in future, which would decrease a lot mortality rates of this malady, highly significant as yet.

As it bears great significance in relation to femininity and the adolescence is a phase, in which the individual dwells for being accepted by peers. Mammal alterations such as tiny little breasts, overgrown mammas and huge discrepancies between then two size-wise, are often causes of psychological dysfunctions of various degrees, which might propel surgery reassignment before completion of their development, notwithstanding such isn't the best moment.

Therefore, in particular cases, precocious surgical approach is indicated in the attempt of minimizing to the limit further psychological consequences and which would have a negative impact on the adult life and the sexuality.


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