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Sexual Differences and Distinctive Behavior

Posted by: webmaster2 on Friday, September 23, 2005 - 09:21 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Information

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

Hitherto, this article intends to comment certain discrepancies between the male sex and the female sex in relation to their respective behaviors towards practice of sexuality, in a broader concept.

First of all, let's define what sexual relation means, which encompasses unequal dimensions for men and for women.

For men, it's quite simple an answer, once penis participation is fare enough regardless of the type of sexual intercourse whether vaginal, oral or anal.

Thus, sexual relation is, in the male conception, basically, a genital-ridden relation, whatever sexual practices must have a penis included.

It's interesting to say that for most men masturbation isn't regarded as sexual relation, but only oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

For women, the concept of sexual relation goes beyond than just the sex act itself and therein lies a staple difference between men and women, the genitality.

All seems quite simple for a man. A question of arch-reflex; stimulus-erection-penetration-orgasm.

The dissociation love-sex for a man is quite profound, fact that doesn't occur for most women, which makes that the meaning of sexual relation being more ample and complex for the female sex.

They require more attention paid on foreplay and prelude of what makes that, several times, sexual intercourse reaches its end long before the moment on which point two bodies are already naked.

As opposed to men, who have in the sense of sight their most accurate beacon with regard to sexuality, women have in the sense of hearing the main sense capable of triggering off sensations of libido.

Therefore, being a man sexual athlete isn't enough, but a romantic athlete also, according to Barbara Andersen. So much so that, some authors usually say that the female orgasm takes place between their ears other than between their legs.

Women like and appreciate certain delicate gestures and politeness and that doesn't include only the act of giving flowers or opening car doors.

Further, sharing life's up and downs, taking heed to simple chores like undoing the dinner table, usually influence on the complicity existing between the couple.

Beginning sexual approach directly, without preparation beforehand, isn't always such a good idea in the feminine universe.

All the way around, most women would prefer to dance to romantic music followed by a soothing massage session.

Special attention should be dispensed to the unique capacity of audition, of which transforms enticing words in crescent moments of excitement.

It's not always easy to conciliate the male impetus of penetration with the romantic and cuddles-thirsty of women behavior, mostly after a few years of living together that end up by turning a relation hostage of routine and which many times render the sex act as mechanic an act as automatic.

Such discrepancies of conduct may well being destined to enrich a relationship, as it only takes each partner to be aware of each other's needs and change such need into mutual satisfaction.


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