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Why we don't have sex with parents

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Sexual Advice

By Jonatas Dornelles

Why we don't have sex with our parents? Perhaps, the reader considers this question improper and perverted. But coming to think of it, it maybe pertinent. Why is that, the sexual impulse gets projected out of the family? Given that, sexual desire when directed inwards, as in the Oedipus complex, it's considered something pathologic.

From the multitude of different rules created amongst men about relations between sexes, only one shares common place- the prohibition of incest. Appearing in all eras and peoples, forbidding sexual relations between close relatives might be regarded as a core fundament of societal life. As far as the anthropologists concern, a society is a group of men who interact (trade off) with other groups, barter material goods, peddling symbols-words, visual images, etc., and women.

Such is essential condition for the existence of society and is based on the prohibition of incest. In determining that an individual should look for his partner out of the familial group whose he belongs, this rule leads to the formation of alliances between different groups. Thus, prohibition established by the taboo of incest encompasses a positive streak; the demand for communication between the diverse subgroups in which society divides.

Amongst the natives of the Trobriand Islands, in researches conducted at the beginning of the XX century, there was already identification of the taboo of incest. In this culture the exogamy-union between members of different groups, was incontestable conduct.

Much as marriage, the community viewed sexual relations between people of the same clan with anger. The moral disapproval with regard to incest was so resilient that, in case of disclosure, the incestuous individual would be induced to suicide.

Apart from that, there were supernatural sanctions. The natives used to believe that the transgression of taboo would cause a fatal disease.

However, what is deemed as incestuous relation varies from culture to culture. For us occidentals, such limitation reaches only parents, siblings and next of kin. In other societies, all cousins are considered brothers. And yet, even people not bonded by biological background are classified socially as siblings, due to belong to the same clan.

The ancient Egypt has been regarded as exception to the universal rule of incest prohibition. Currently, it's known that marriage between brothers was considered eligible, not only between members of pharoses dynasties, but also by individuals of other social spheres. Nevertheless, not even there seemingly to have absolute exception for the taboo of incest. In the case of the Egyptians, not so many cases of sexual rapport between mother and son, or father and daughter. A marriage between a man and his younger sibling was considered unwise.

From common ground rule represented by the prohibition of incest, each society establishes certain norms in order to regulate relations between men and women. Culturally are indicated such unions of which should be given priority, a recommendable age of possible partners and the ideal standards of male and female behavior.

Even in our society, which explicit rules regarding choice making of a male or female partner are few and far in between, a set of informal rules exist, not coded, but by no means less effective.

In order to perceive the truth within, only takes thinking of reproach, somewhat underlying, as how marriages between elderly men and twenty-something bombshells are taken on board. Or else, the union between mature women with twenty-something stags. Unions as such, as it were, extremely popular amidst several peoples.


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