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Sex in Adolescence: Getting on Top

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Sexual Advice

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Sex in adolescence encompasses myths and fantasies. Customary, adolescents feel inclined to talk and have sex freely. Hence, there must be demystified and clarified so that can they profess their sexuality as safely as healthy.

Coming to think of it, I decided to write this piece by prompting and to shed light on major concerns that usually pop up at clinics and seminars.

How would be known what age suits best? There is no means of defining age for a youngster to start one's sexual life. I firmly believe that common sense should prevail. It's not because peers already shagged that should the same be done. Virginity, isn't a crime or sin, it's an option. Nobody who feels emotionally unprepared for this new phase should engage in sex at risk of developing guilt feelings and/or trauma.

Could someone get pregnant if not wearing condoms? Yes. If a young girl who is in her fertile period decides to have sex without any contraceptive method or prevention she can get pregnant. Many young girls report having got pregnant at their first sexual relation. Safe sex by wearing condoms is imperative since not only it prevents undesired pregnancy, but also diseases transmitted sexually.

Should youngsters disclose to relatives? Usually I say that an individual's sexuality pertains to oneself and that doesn't differ by the fact of being adolescent. To let it out of the chest to relatives may hold profound significance to the youngster. It depends on what kind of terms, dialogue, one keeps up with relatives. By the way, it shouldn't be mandatory.

Must orgasm take place? Nobody, especially at the first sexual relation, mustn't count on orgasm reaching. The first time is crucial. It's a moment as delicate as insightful in the life of all human beings. It's when we learn to acknowledge our own body and of the other, be experiencing sensations and emotions which might lead or perhaps not to orgasm. So, it's consequential and not compulsory.

Is the doctor's visit important? Definitely. To my mind, go to see a doctor is a sign of maturity. As he/she can clarify doubts, besides giving guidance on contraceptive methods and prevention.

In the practice of safe sex, the youth shows keenness on health matters and concern towards the well-being of oneself and the other.

Is masturbation harmful? No. Although certain cultures and religions being staunchly against, the practice of masturbation is business as usual, mainly at this phase.

Evidence emerged from research that masturbation is healthy a practice to both sexes and at any given phase of life. When desire takes over, preferably choose somewhere private, in order to preserve your intimacy and privacy.

Actually, sexuality may and should be exercised in its plenitude in a mature and responsible way. Self-respect and for the other is indispensable for the moment to become a good remembrance. As well, feelings should be respected, in my opinion when sex is done with love and care it turns out even more tasteful.


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