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Homosexuality in terms of adolescent sexuality

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Sexual Information

By Jonatas Dornelles

Homosexuality has taken a lot of flak. One of the oldest theories for explaining its behavioral origins is that of hereditary. The fact that homosexuality is found in most societies gives certain logic to such hypothesis. Nevertheless, there are no evidences of structural discrepancies between homosexuals and other people.

At around five or six years of age, seemingly boys tend to loose almost entirely any interest there is towards their own penises and that special interest for the mother as well.

So long as she allows it, avoiding being overprotective or rather hostile towards him. After that, boys tend to avoid and reject the girls. At the same time, they acquire interests deemed important by the father, such as, sports, automobiles and so on.

At times, the father plays an absent image, unattached, nonchalance or even threatening and a boy may retreat under his mother's wings, just in case there's no other grown up man of whom he may feel interested. An intense hostility towards the father may lead his son to identify himself with the mother and therefore adopt, consequently, feminine oriented attitudes.

Not always homosexualism stems from excessive love for the mother. The mechanism might be inverse. An individual may be led to despise the maternal image and along with her, all other women. There's also innumerous hypothesis less dramatic so, as in the mother inculcates in the son the idea that no other women is good enough for him may create in him, unconsciously, a preference for men as sexual partners.

Boys usually participate of groups at the stage prior to puberty. At this moment, sex innuendoes and sex-games might take place, such as mutual exhibitionism. This stage of homosexualism is social rather than physical. In case of girls, at the same stage, it's present physical homosexuality, on which point they get to participate of explicit sex play ups with their best friends. They might show their vulvas to each other, and even explore each other's vaginas.

Mostly when reaching puberty, girls turn emphatically to heterosexuality. Yet, starting to test the effects of their physical alterations, seeking to draw masculine attention.

Nonetheless, some girls become scared with their increase in sexuality, likely to seek refuge at work, in obesity, in nervous anorexia or even in the relationship with other girls.

Amongst boys, post puberty, there's a lot of sex talk and comparisons on pubic hair growth, penis size, ejaculation and masturbation. Boys misled by relatives to considering themselves disfavored, or girls who had bad previous experiences with women- a dominant mother or a jealous elder sibling for instance, might demonstrate considerable anxiety regarding contact with girls. They may have difficulty in passing from the homosexual stage to the heterosexual one, but aren't truly homosexuals.

By the way, homosexuality whether social or physical, in adolescents, makes part of the sexual growth and maturing. These are just stages of the sexual development. This phase is important for certain individuals to define which type of sexual relation they would prefer in future.


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