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Youth and Sexual Behavior

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Sexual Advice

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Throughout times sexual behavior, by and large, has undergone great changes. As a rebound of social-cultural transformations occurred along the history of humankind.

A few decades ago, the sexual behavior between men and women could be defined as "conservative". In most cultures, a man should be the provider of abode, able to express his sexuality with no further embarrassments and discriminations. Normally young males would initiate their sexuality with prostitutes. There were also those youngsters who would have their first sexual experience with domestic house cleaners.

With regards to the woman, she should be educated for house chores, her sexuality ignored, should act with restrain-prude and not talk about sex-there was neither dialogue nor information about the subject, and prized by her virginity. The first sexual experience usually would take place at the wedding night.

Much has changed in the last decades and it includes the sexual behavior of youth.

At present, guys and girls have liberty and the same rights to relate amongst themselves in that includes sex.

It's becoming ever so frequent to find youngsters, although it's likely they'd suffer a certain antipathy or discrimination from a small chunk of the society, who relate with partners for only one time or for a brief time frame, rendering relationships as furtive as discardable.

They call it make out. Make out according to youngsters might be simply kissing someone, one or more people at a party or suitable occasion, and can be something else like having sex.

Such behavior brought about consequences- a constant partner trading and precocity in the beginning of sexual relations. Apart from that, youngsters having been coming across difficulty in living up emotions of greater intensity-love and passion and therefore make part of established relations.

Thus, if in one hand youngsters have the freedom of make out; on the other hand, they wind up showing difficulty in getting themselves emotionally involved with sex partners.

It becomes clear at the office, where youngsters talk chiefly about their needs, therein their emotions. Youngsters who claim being deeply in love by their new partner, shortly after, report that are involved in new conquests. Such ephemeral interest by the other is often linked directly to sexual interest of one another, mixing passion, love with lust, and hanker.

More often than not, the youngster ends up upset for failing in having someone along for a longer period, most of times attributing to the other his fear of establishing a relation.

To make out is good, appraisable and bound to satisfy fad needs, besides setting them free for new experiences.

Nonetheless, dating is even better. It's through dating that we get to know each other in almost all senses. It doesn't necessarily means that whoever is dating isn't free anymore.

The difference lies in who dates begins to seek new experiences in unison, in a growing manner and maturing whether individually or by the duo.

Remember that kissing and having sex is very good, but can be even better when on top of desire, exists love and tenderness.


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