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Bisexuality and teen's sexuality

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Sexual Information

By Anne Griza

Youngsters commence to unveil their sexuality in and around adolescence blossom. All seems novelty, the body undergoes alterations, physical sensations begin to be discovered and new sentiments can be experienced. As in felling attracted by someone of the same sex and not giving in to feel interested by the opposite sex.

This attraction can be considered bisexuality. As far as bisexuality goes, a person's desire for someone of the same sex has already been made obvious from crib, much as in homosexuality, although, one won't stop feeling pleasure with the opposite sex. It's a lengthy process as such, what can happen all of a sudden is the person decision to disclose bisexual status. What takes place with adolescents is that suddenly they'd fell attracted by a colleague, neighbor, or peer of the same sex.

This can happen because the teenager goes through quite strong moments of identification with people and groups of people of the same people. For a girl to look up to a school colleague and who knows, fell-like kissing her or even to have sexual relation with her may be considered part of this identification process, the best possible way to really get this one in particular to herself. It's quite common, mainly amongst girls, a mouth kissing trade off, the so-called buss.

In this phase, the person is just experimenting, discovering, eager to know, and ends up by displaying curiosity in experimenting her sexuality fully. If were there traces of bisexuality in the individual's personality, he/she has already had such attraction and will carry on forever. Otherwise, at the very moment someone comes to realization of what he/she is really after, whether by thorough experimentation or by more attainable sentiments with respects to sex and the opposite sex, this frame of mind will find a solution.

The adolescent tends to worry a lot about such mind-boggling sentiments, but such make part of the evolving process of infant sexuality until adult sexuality.
Hence, equally to all processes, there will be moments of confusion, on which point no one knows for sure what feels for someone in particular let alone what he/she really wants.

A boy or a girl can really think being bisexual, but this line or perception comes undone so long as he/she gets to know oneself better.

It's quite hard for the adolescent to deal with this sentiment by oneself, and usually he/she won't share it with no one.

The net result is moments of despair, shame, low self-esteem, which given time and alongside due discoveries, would settled down, up until he/she becomes positive of what suits needs most. Maybe this hang-up is in for a long well, all to do with the societal role one fits. Commonly with time and self-discovery, the adolescent gradually ditches all the emotional luggage. Only a handful seeks therapy for the sake of this kind of thought.


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