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Safer Sex - Hero or Villain

Posted by: webmaster2 on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 - 10:10 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Health

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

Currently, condom wearing seems like an attachment almost mandatory when it comes to sex. Truly, as far as sexuality goes, men and condoms share a rather conflicting relation.

In spite of its efficient protection against sexually transmitted diseases - STD's, this renders it indispensable for sexual relations. Men and women, notwithstanding media efforts towards sexual education, seemingly still reluctant about it, letting themselves in harms' way, unnecessarily.

The vast majority of men, when asked about preferences towards sexual intercourse whether wearing condoms or not, would probably answer that they prefer sex with no condom wearing whatsoever.

I dare to say on grounds of medical practice that too women would prefer a sexual relation without preservative, and are motives innumerous of both parties to despise and overlook such vital accessory.

The male public has loss of penis sensibility as major complaint that for some would hold back ejaculation. As for elder men, preservative wearing can cause erectile disturbances, whether at the moment of putting it on or by loss of erection at the peak of sexual intercourse due to sensitivity drop.

Most women complain of rashes or latex allergy, on which point hampers sexual performance by stinging during sex.

Both genders complain about a necessary pause to put it on, which gets in the way of built atmosphere from foreplay.

With regards to the female condom, complaints are of aesthetic and auditive origins, as awkward noise likely to give off during sex, promoted by friction of the penis against the latex.

Be as it may, everyone has a thing or two about whether liking or not preservative wearing, thus what needs saying and made clear is that safer sex is fundamental nowadays and the so polemic condom can't afford to be left out.

So far, there should be modes of usage sought that minimize discomfort, enabling one to take the most out of sexuality.

A good example for those into oral sex, with a little bit of practice makes to place a condom on by mouth possible that is, so preventing any kind of unnecessary pause during sex act. Sometimes, this maneuver turns out so perfectly done that him doesn't even realize that a condom was fitted on his manhood.

This is just a practical example of what can be implemented in a sexual relation, as you're free to devise your own ruse.

Each one's creativity is the limit to not let be without condoms ever, for when there's no safer sex, all that remains is doubts to say the least.

Don't hesitate. Use and abuse of preservatives to be happy and healthy ever after.


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