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Precocious Ejaculation

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Sexual Health

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

Theoretically speaking, to define this sexual dysfunction a.k.a. precocious ejaculation is quite hard, but easy to identify in practice.

Countless pundits have tried to define a concept of premature ejaculation in sexuality. Some like Kinsey et cols and John Meyer employed a quantitative criteria based on a time factor of relation/penetration of coital movements. In addition, others like Masters and Johnson applied the qualitative criteria, whereupon the parameter isn't an absolute number, but the partners' sexual interaction instead.

It means that whereas some established in 2" or 15 coital movements as the maximum limit, where anything below such figures would be deemed as precocious ejaculation. In contrast, others sustain that the precocious ejaculator per se would be someone with no voluntary control over the ejaculatory reflex or unable to retard ejaculation long enough so that could his sex partner reach orgasm at least 50% of attempts.

The sexologist Helen Kaplan postulated in the 70's, a theory that says that the lack of ejaculatory control could be caused by a deficient genital sensitivity. It would override patients' perceptions of sensations preceding ejaculation. Being such sensations a sort of warning sign to enable voluntary elements of ejaculatory inhibition.
Consequences of premature ejaculation as of men are various with respects to personality alterations and interpersonal relations and perhaps anxiety would one of the determining factors for this kind of behavior.

Denial is frequent by those faced with any problem, for his sexual pleasure is totally satisfactorily however time-limited.

On the other hand, it's relatively common complaints coming from their sex partners on this subject, seeing that they can't obtain sexual pleasure out of it by not be given time sufficient to get aroused.

Usually, at the beginning of a relationship, the woman seems quite sympathetic and reassuring; by trying to understand thinking that, all would fall into place. However, as time goes by, noticeably, nothing has changed, hang ups from a lax sexual life start pilling up and catching up on their sexuality, which tends to deteriorate at fast rate. Often, there culminates in relationship break up or cheating in that find that someone capable of satisfying bottled up sexual desires.

This sexual dysfunction usually stems from psychogenic traits, harboring in Sexual Therapy an efficient toll for the treatment. Nonetheless, exist antidepressant drugs likely to delay or even stop ejaculation onset altogether. Thus, it's fundamental that the male patient is aware of his dysfunction and willing to resolve it. Likewise, erectile dysfunction, a man tends to take too long to seek adequate treatment, many times from holding true that nothing wrong exists. This delay may imply in definitive end to his sexual relation further hindering sexuality.

The psychotherapy treatment consists in managing anxiety and the fear of performance and promoting better control, by the patient, of sensations that precede ejaculation so that, gradually, he can identify and hold back semen release, through specific conduct techniques.

His sex partner plays active role in the treatment, being of crucial importance. She for one is rather interested in the treatment success. Interaction between the couple usually turns up quite satisfactory as success can be noticed along the way, generating or restituting lost intimacy and joy of living and having a delightful sexual life to boot.


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