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Sexuality In Adolescence: Answering Questions

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Sexual Information

By Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli
Psychologist and Sexologist

Teens are having a busy time processing and absorbing information on the web, sex inclusive. So, why the number of young single-mothers increase by leaps and bounds? Why some youngsters still reluctant to rely on safer-sex? What does hot in bed mean? What would teenage-girls know about orgasm? What are the do's and don'ts if things don't work out? What's the best age to start having sex? Should relatives learn about it?

These questions to name a few, are bread and butter back at work where I deal with children and teens. Youth paused to this brave new world end up by vowing their expectations and insecurities. "I meant insecurities",- for even with all information access given, it seems as though there've been conflicting ideas arising between them and the received information over their sexual-life approach.

As it so happens:- a girl fearing disapproval-retaliation from a male-partner, won't put her foot down for condom wearing -although aware of STD contraction risks or precociously getting pregnant. As for a boy, in turn, by plain obliviousness or afraid of erection jeopardy, won't wear condoms at all. Even though, youngsters might call perfect this kind of make out - as boys, they are bound to lie- calling awesome- their bed performance - by the same token, unable to reach orgasm girls feel overwhelmed- as in, I didn't hear the bells ringing or I felt awkwardly in pain and I couldn't reach out orgasm.

All instances highlight everything outlined above. Youth, by and large, are the living proof that there exists conflict between theory and practice. Physiologically speaking, we might argue that the body of a teen matures sexually between 14 to 16 yr. of age. As far as biological maturation is concerned oscillations are likely to occur. Currently, such oscillations may take place precociously.

It's said by some that apart from its biological side, sexuality is linked to spheres of social-cultural, psychological and familiar background. Therefore, even so biologically mature all factors should be brought into play in order to understanding and respect teenagers.

"I firmly believe in reassurance and family support throughout this phase". Having already gone through this phase, it makes relatives more suitable to pass along their own experiences. Those folks bound to feel somehow unprepared or uptight about the facts of life when bringing this subject across to their kids, should seek professional aid from specialists. Reliable and trustworthy information is then given so as to demystify sex queries to kids.

In brief, to be hot in bed in these days and age means safer sex and with common-sense after all. Hence, by no means wearing condoms should be neglected or embarrassing. Reaching climax is such delightful experience as personal, so teens shouldn't lie about it neither fake it. Would be staggering the day when it comes to fruition.

There is no such a thing as obligation in orgasm reaching. In case something doesn't go down too well for either of you or both, don't get upset about it. Try your best to keep up the good spirits and remember always to take things in your stride as time comes on hand. To get acquainted on the wonders of love-making doesn't imply in proper age-consent. Disregarding any given moment someone decides is best to begin sexual activity, he/she should get down safely and sensibly. The same applies to your status whether should be disclosed to folks or not, since decision-making is entirely up to you. Yet, relatives might be your best confessional friends available.


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