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Adolescent Sexuality - A General Vision

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Sexual Information

By Darci L. Duro Janarelli

Adolescence is perhaps the phase of sexuality development in which the characteristics of sexual behavior are more evident in an individual. In this particular period of life, a melting pot of emotions, doubts, anxiety and questionings strike the daily routine of the young, who at times feels oneself disoriented and confused, specially on sexuality and sexual life. It seems important to me that in this phase, the teenager receives adequate orientation to most diverse subjects, also sexuality related ones, and there's the friendly figure of an adult partner, who is capable to serve as support at circumstances where one judges necessary.

At any rate, teenagers in general tend to feel somewhat out of place in the world that surrounds him/her in relation to his/hers ways of action and thinking. Up until recently there had been doubt with regards to what kind of doctor take adolescents to; whether to a clinic or to a pediatric, seeing that the adolescent is no longer a child and neither adult. Gladly today there's the figure of Hebiatric.

Teens need to be inserted in a group, on the conditions that one might feel left behind and/or noticed in an awkward way. This, as everything, has its positive and negative aspects. Like in all youth group, every participant present a very similar thought exercise between itself, kept its individualities. A feeling of admiration exists amongst members of a group as well and, mainly with an individual that stands out in terms of leadership, who gets chosen as leader and mentor for manage its sexuality and sexual information. This reflectively relation would make a participant quit making determined things, often without finding it right or being prepared for that, with the single intention of not feeling excluded or diminished in front of everyone. It is the case of a young that has a group, where the majority or the totality smoke or use drugs, and, too ended up getting addicted.

Yet, we have the example of a young girl who ends up having her sexuality initiation on sexual practices in a precocious way, even when she wasn't feeling safe and prepared for such sex act, only because all her group already lead actively sexual life and has more developed sexuality experiences. These two examples, which seem classic to me, make obvious the necessity of a teen to be accepted as equal by peers, preventing rejection and the feeling of inferiority, which often mulls only his/hers head. There may cause detrimental drawbacks likely, also in sexual and sexuality related aspects, to put at risk one's physical and mental health.

In regards to sexual behavior, we must analyze physical and psychological changes. Alterations begin in puberty, of which will define anatomy-functionary characteristics of reproductive functioning and sexual response later in puberty. In this phase, sexual physical changes gain momentum through hormonal action, with the development of secondary sexual characteristics. As growth of pubic hair, the appearance of mammary button and the first sexual menstruation in girls. Penis enlargement, development of testicles size and ejaculatory capacity in boys. All mediated by estrogen and testosterone hormones respectively. Usually, owing to the rebellious and contesting behavior of teenage times, an adolescent ignores fear and starts to perceive oneself as the smartest and most intelligent of all mortals. Perhaps, it would work whether as a hunch that nothing bad will happen or the remark - "This would only happen to someone else, not me" - of which we call the magical thought. It's the great danger that surrounds youngsters, for the simple fact that they believe in what they think or make (sometimes even with adequate information) which might bring harmful future consequences, for instance, as undesired pregnancy ("this will never happen to me").


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