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Shaving for Sex

Posted by: webmaster2 on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - 07:20 _PRINTPrinter friendly page  _EMAILFRIENDSend this story to a friend
Sexual Advice

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Body fluids accumulate in and around hair giving off bacterial byproduct. Hence moist and warm is idyllic an environment. To render personal hygiene easier body hair can be removed or trimmed.

Shaving and trimming body hair tops the agenda of personal hygiene for most western women.

In men's controlled society removing pubic hair without stigmatization can only stem from personal preference An individual seeking to gain freedom from social pressure or chauvinist expectations does not shave, as to serve men's expectations equals slave to society.

Personal views and not social norms decide whether women should shave pubic hair. Otherwise, those happy with the bushy looks aren't unclean or less attractive, they just don't go with the notion. It wouldn't be any other way if it weren't for the increasingly number of both women and men adopting this practice. Understandably, women still take pride in looking good, thus benefiting from the increased awareness gained from intimacy. Feeling smoothly with an imbued element of intimacy is considered normal and acceptable, no social definitions needed.

Regularly grooming prompts women to appreciate sexuality more through developing intimacy with their genitals. Given the fact that a great portion of women removes pubic hair for partner sex beneficial.

A biological throwback supports the presence of body hair for protection and heat loss prevention. In modern society clothing replaces body hair with fashionable adequacy that leaves no room for doubts. Scientists touted that pubic hair traps scents of pheromones, but humans no longer detect scents from a distance.

Shaving can also be sexually stimulating. Women into oral sex will likely perceive benefits in exposing their most sensitive skin to direct mouth-tongue contact. Men appreciate feeling their women's skin smoothly by obvious reasons. A smoothly shaven vulva might sexually stimulate those who praise subtly bussing and licking. Exposing the vulva and perineum area can visually enhance desirability in men, who generally delight being able to look. Even same gender sex benefits from sex-acts performed without hair getting in the way. Any one enjoys feeling a shaven pubic mound delicately bussing against their soft lips or scrotum.

But some may try it to no avail. Shaving isn't suitable for all types of skin and hair. Women with coarse thick hair might develop rashes and chapped skin unless resorting to waxing or trimming. Waxing prevents those awful razor red bumps and itching leaving that little tuff as beacon under a thong. With trimming you can keep unsightly pubic hair out of the bikini line without painful ingrown hair.

With compromise both genders can reap the rewards of this new-old trend. Request is perhaps a wise choice. Having freedom to choose gives control over any political purpose diverting sexuality from personal decision. If body hair is the norm, shaving represents emancipation. If shaving denotes social conditioning let your hair grow back on.


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