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Why Circumcise

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Sexual Health

Circumcision may be the oldest form of surgery, with records indicating that the Egyptians practiced this ritual as early as 4000 years BC. The Jews adopted circumcision in prehistoric times, and have preserved it as a modern religious tradition.This procedure is the removal of the foreskin or loose sleeve of skin covering the end of the penis. Many doctors have recommended that male circumcision should be performed o­nly for medical reasons. 

For instance, the surgical removal helps to prevent Phimosis and Paraphimosis. There is also a suggestion that circumcision may reduce a man's risk of developing cancer of the penis and also helps in his sexuality. However, research indicates that there are other factors involved beyond circumcision or non-circumcision, as personal hygiene seems to be the most relevant factor in penile cancers.

But in some cases we know that circumcision is usually not medically necessary and disturbs if its made o­n the top of adolescent sexuality. Good hygiene offers the advantages of circumcision without the potential risks. Thus, most circumcisions are performed for cultural and religious reasons and not just because of the sexuality. Another reason for modern circumcision is the simple fact that some parents believe that it looks better as result of generations of conditioning to believe that a circumcised penis is desirable. Religious types may claim their cultural and spiritual beliefs in this act.

Probably you will find people who refute it all very fiercely and produce their own reasons for opposing circumcision - indeed; some would want to eliminate it. They argue that the boys should be given a choice to make this procedure after the adolescent sexuality blossomed. In practice the vast majority of circumcised boys are grateful that the operation was performed at an age when they don't remember it.

As everything, the circumcision practice has a negative effect o­n sexuality. The first o­ne is pain. Anesthesia is rarely used o­n infants for this procedure because of the risk of breathing problems and other side effects. Many recent studies indicate that, there is increased sensitivity to pain and an alteration of the very fabric of the person. These alone should be enough to think before doing this procedure.


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