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Maybe, there is something wrong

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Sexual Information

At times our bodies mislead us when indicating a normal development rate of its functions.
Puberty roughly begins somewhere between 7 and 13 for girls, and somewhere 10 and 15 for guys. However, some teens bypass puberty to a normal age range without showing any signs of body alterations. This is known as delayed puberty.

Delayed puberty can be caused by a growth pattern developed within the family. In most cases, close relatives or parents had their development later than usual, too. This is called constitutional delay and doesn't require any kind of treatment. Eventually, these teens will develop, just slightly late than most of their peers.

People suffering from diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma, kidney disease may demonstrate delays in puberty or go through puberty until older stage, owing to their illnesses.

Anyone with nutrient deficiency is made liable to later development. In this instance, adolescents suffering from anorexia, often lose so much weight, which hampers development. Girls, who engage in intense physical activities, may also be late developers as a result of exercise intensity. Late developers result from the lack of a certain amount of body fat, which is required for puberty. The lack of fat percentage or low levels of it might offset hormonal production and release. Other factor associated with delayed puberty being pituitary or thyroid glands, which produce hormones responsible for growth and development.

In this case treatment may be appropriate, if lack of development causes anxiety or deep worries. Fortunately, it is a matter of accelerating the body changes through treatment. Being the simplest option the administration of testosterone or a related compound to boys and estrogen to girls.

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